Collection: LAF™ Brand Jewelry

Starting in February, 2024, LAF™ Brand Jewelry will become my website only brand.  All of my product that I take to my pop-up events are designed and made by me and sold under the Linny's Artsy Fingers® Jewelry Brand

However, I have found some designs that I LOVE that are made by others.  I have also decided to use the support of partners to create some mature designs, so I can continue to focus on designing new pieces.  In order to differentiate which products are made by others, I will use the LAF™ Jewelry Brand to offer my partners' creations to my Fans, while products made by me will still be sold under the Linny's Artsy Fingers® Jewelry Brand

Bottom Line: Think of the LAF™ Jewelry Brand as a curated offering of my partners' designs and creations that I think my Fans will love as much as I do.  Please enjoy this page and let me know if you have any questions.

Love, Linny