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Product Spotlight: Adjustable Rings - Ultimate Comfort and Fashion

Hey LAF™ Fans,

My inspiration for this design comes from having knuckles that are half a ring size larger than my fingers.  To make it worse, my fingers change size half a ring size larger and smaller throughout the year making it almost impossible for me to find a ring that fits snugly on my finger.  

I previously made rings that were sized to sell at pop-up shops, but quickly realized that it required me to hold so much inventory, and many of my fans had the same problem I did with large knuckles are fingers changing size making it uncomfortable for them to wear sized rings.  

I quickly changed direction and designed an adjustable ring design that is open on the bottom and can be bent open and closed to fit around knuckles and can be adjusted to fit on different fingers.  

The result is an elegant looking design that will fit comfortably and securely on any finger.  This design is a HIT at all of my pop-up shows.  Especially the adjustable pearl rings and quartz pieces.  Click on the links to get to the product pages.  I hope you enjoyed today's product spotlight.  

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