Woman in Pink Qipao - Linqing Wang Painting Image

Jewelry and Art Fusion - How I Decided to Create Elegant 3D Art

I have been making jewelry for about 3 years and painting for decades.  Painting was the first art form I fell in love with.  However, I have never tried to sell any of my paintings before last year, and even then it was just a few canvases at one of my pop-up shows.  I painted gnomes and flowers and sunsets, but became discouraged after my first show when no one even picked up a painting.  

Fast-Forward a year and a half and I began selling jewelry at the Milwaukee Makers Market.  During this time, I also began creating artwork that mirrored my feelings and my culture.  One of my first paintings was "Woman in Pink Qipao", seen above.  After I completed the painting it was placed in a drawer and I forgot about it.  One of the main types of art forms found at the M.M.M, is art sold in "print" form.  

I decided to pull out my old paintings and create prints of them to try to sell.  The image above is already listed on my Shopify site.  However, I wanted to do more than just sell prints, and as I gazed at my painting, I realized the one thing missing from this Chinese Woman's outfit was jewelry, so I got to work thinking about how to add a touch of jewelry to her outfit while keeping in Chinese style, yet creating something that would catch the interest of the viewer.  I decided on adding a pearl "purse" to the print and am pleased with the result! 

I will continue to add my print listings to my Shopify site in the Linny's Artsy Fingers Artwork Collection and hope you enjoy! 



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