How to Care for Your Jewelry : Gold Material (Nickel Free/Gold-Filled) and Pearls

How to Care for Your Jewelry : Gold Material (Nickel Free/Gold-Filled) and Pearls

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One of my most popular selling jewelry pieces is the "Cultured Freshwater Pearl Chain Bracelets".  These bracelets have two of my favorite components, baroque style pearls and gold color chain.  While these two materials are SO beautiful when paired together, it is important to take care of your jewelry so that it stays beautiful for a long time.  In general, following these tips below should help keep your pearl and gold color jewelry vibrant, shiny and beautiful.

Protecting Your Jewelry (#1. Metal Material and #2. Pearls):

1.  To keep your metal material shiny, avoid contact with makeup, perfumes, and lotions and any abrasive soaps or cleaning materials like bleach, ammonia, laundry detergent, etc., especially with nickel free material.  You have a little more leeway with gold-filled and solid-gold material, but it's best to follow the above guidelines if possible.

2.To keep your pearls white, it is important to AVOID the same materials listed in #1 and also AVOID storing Pearls in a hot and dry environment.  If you want to store your pearls, wipe them with a dry cloth to clean any dust off of them.  Then store them in a fabric pouch to allow air to circulate, and tuck a few moist cotton balls in with your pearls before you put them away in a cool place. 

NOTE: Avoid having the cotton balls touching the pearls.  The Cotton Balls are just meant to release moisture as they dry.  If you don't wear your pearls often, you will want to go back from time to time and re-moisten the cotton balls.

Cleaning Your Jewelry:

When cleaning your jewelry, it is generally recommended that you use a mild soap and warm water to make a diluted cleaning mixture to clean the jewelry. 

1.  For your metal components, you can use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean any hard to clean dirt. 

2.  For your pearls, DO NOT SOAK them in water.  Instead, you can dampen a rag in the warm soapy water and then gently wipe the pearls to clear them of any dust or dirt. 

After cleaning your jewelry make sure you dry everything immediately before putting it away.   Reference #2 in the protection section when putting your pearls away after cleaning.

These are just guidelines for you to consider. All jewelry is unique, so make sure you know your jewelry's material and review how it should be cleaned. Please reach out to me if you have any specific questions about cleaning your jewelry at

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