The Right Earring Material for You - Gold Colored Material

The Right Earring Material for You - Gold Colored Material

Do your ears burn every time you wear your favorite earrings?  It is possible that your ears may be allergic to the material in the ear hooks or studs.  Many people think that "Nickel Free Material" is  the least allergic option and just live with the discomfort, I am here to tell you that there are other options to consider!

One option is gold plating, while this is the cheapest option, it only provides a very thin layer of gold between your ear and the "nickel free" material underneath and does not always feel comfortable with sensitive ears.  In addition, the plating can flake off over time, revealing the base material.  The cost of this type of material is often slightly more than a nickel free option.

The next option is 14k Gold Filled Wire which is fused with gold and is 1/20th gold by gram weight.  The gold in this material will not flake off and usually stops the burning in most sensitive ears.  I can upgrade a pair of ear hooks to 14k Gold Filled for $7.

If you find that the 14k Gold Filled Wire is still uncomfortable, the final option is to use 14k solid gold material.  This option is the most expensive, costing approximately $100 per pair of ear hooks, but this option will generally guarantee that your ears feel no discomfort.  

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